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A cloud based well integrity management system and data management tool, empowering oil and gas companies to manage their well portfolios with ease.

Assure the integrity of your well stock using our WIMS, with key features cascaded from the industry standard ISO 16530 and NORSOK D-010. It provides a complete solution which easily fits within existing business processes. …more
Remain in complete control of all well records, the secure repository offers a single source of truth. Records are reviewed and updated with ease and Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards are a few clicks away.…more
Well-Scape is logical and intuitive and can be easily managed in-house with minimal training. However our expert engineers are available to operate Well-Scape on clients’ behalf, as well as supporting any other Well Engineering requirements….more

Well-Scape was created out of a need for a truly fit for purpose tool to capture and interrogate records throughout the well lifecycle.

While the initial development was targeted solely towards helping small-medium Oil and Gas Companies comply with local Well Integrity regulations, it became obvious the flexible architecture also lent itself towards all aspects of Data Management and Business Intelligence. The result is a compelling product, offering huge functionality and backed up by expert engineering support.

Our flexible pricing model means our clients can enjoy a truly fit for purpose solution, whilst only paying for the features that add value to their business.

Beyond Oil and Gas, Well-Scape can also benefit the mining, carbon capture and Storage (CCS) and Geothermal industries. If you have a portfolio of wells, you need Well-Scape.


Well Integrity Management System (WIMS)

Demonstrate compliance with policy and regulation, our core WIMS package (aligned with ISO 16530) ensures our clients have complete oversight of their wellstock. The flexible modules can be easily tailored to meet client specific needs or specific local regulatory requirements.


Well Scape Land well

Analytics & Machine Learning

With a repository of clean and error free data, we leverage Analytics and Machine Learning techniques to better understand the well’s behaviour and elevate anomalies before they become critical.

Mobile & Tablet app.

A companion for field employees, allowing digitised well records and photos to be captured at the wellsite. It eliminates errors and allows historical well records to accessed by users, allowing anomalies to be instantly detected.

KPI Dashboard

An overview of your well portfolio, allowing key parameters to be visually tracked, including risk exposure, inspection and maintenance compliance, risk assessment management and more.

Well Specific Dashboard

A dedicated page for the integrity of each well, providing a clear and concise picture of each well’s condition, including schematics, inspection reports, valve testing records and more.

Well Scape : Well Barrier Management

Well Barrier Management

Verify and maintain Well Barrier Envelopes throughout the lifecycle with clear barrier verification records, including pressure tests, cement job reports, CBL and more.

Pressure Monitoring

Interrogate live well pressures from within Well-Scape, allowing engineers to have all well information, past and present in a single cloud-based platform.

Data Management Tool

A secure, online repository for all well records and reports. Daily Drilling Reports, Production Reports, Well Construction Records and more, it is the single source of truth that can be extracted for analysis and Business Intelligence.
Well Scape offshore well integrity management image

Daily Reporting

Wellsite Reports (e.g. DDRs) can be completed on a spreadsheet and emailed, it will be automatically filed on secure servers and available to review instantly on the Well-Scape application, eliminating the need for a standalone Daily Reporting software package.

Legacy Data and Well History

Legacy data is easily accessible, meaning well records for the whole lifecycle can be viewed in one place. The Well History feature will summarise all interventions and workovers so there is no doubt about the downhole status of the well.

Well Construction Records

All construction records such as casing tallies, cement reports, photos, pressure tests are simply emailed to Well-Scape and are automatically uploaded. Verification emails are then sent to the Operations Engineer for peace of mind. Once in the system, the attachments can be compiled automatically for End of Well Reports and Well Completion Reports.

Engineering Services

Our expert engineers can maintain your well-stock on your behalf, offering a unique proposition for clients who don’t have the in-house skills and only require ad-hoc Well Integrity support.

Our engineers have worked extensively from UK, Norway, North Africa, Australia, PNG in onshore and offshore environments for large and small companies, so you can rest assured your well-stock is being given the care and attention it demands.

We have experience in implementing Well Integrity Policies for onshore and offshore companies, and our services also extend to all other areas of Well Engineering.

Well Scape - Engineering Services


Who we work with.

“Well-Scape’s WIMS tool and their ongoing Engineering Services have greatly improved our Well Integrity Management.
The easy implementation and attentive support have proved very beneficial and allows us to effectively manage our portfolio of 100+ wells.”

S. Black, Operations Manager.

Armour Energy WellScape Well Integrity software

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Step 1

Our engineers showcase Well-Scape and understand your aspirations.

Week 2

Step 2

We formalise a proposal and mock up templates.

Weeks 2 - 5

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You accept our proposal and populate the Well-Scape bulk data loader.

Week 6

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The data is bulk loaded, user credentials assigned and training provided, Well-Scape is live!

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